Make feedback matter.

Deliver value by collecting in-app customer feedback

Make it easy for your clients to submit feedback so you can prioritise the urgent bug fixes and product improvements.

Make Feedback Matter.

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Listen to the feedback of your customers
Tools to integrate with your Usersnap

Install in 5 minutes. 
Incorporate in your workflow.

Embed the feedback widget on your website.

Connect Usersnap to your favourite tool.

Receive feedback & visual bug reports 
in Jira, Basecamp, Asana or Slack.

Features tailored to software company needs

Support for responsive websites

See the visitor's comments visually with screenshot and annotations.

Use your existing tools

20+ integrations available. Automatic or selective transfer to your project management or issue tracking tool.

Get context information

URL. Operating system. Screen resolution. Browser version. Console logs. 

Powerful dashboard

Everything your team needs to manage bugs and feedback. Collaborate, organise, label, search, prioritise.

Never miss a critical bug again. Receive bug reports & user feedback inside Slack and Hipchat.

Listen to customers,
deliver a better product.

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Understand what to improve and build next

Collect customer feedback with a screenshot and annotations within your product.

Usersnap provides product managers all the information to help them build the right features.

Direct all feedback into one central place.

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See exactly what your customers see. 

Get completed reports for fast reproduction of issues.

Stop chasing more information from your customer.

Usersnap shows context information

Increase customer satisfaction.

Let customers feel valuable by letting them know that they are being listened to.

Make it easier for them to get in touch. 

Keep your customers engaged and happy.

Customer happiness

Centralise your customers' feedback

Have one central channel dedicated to addressing feedback and bug reports.

Sort, label & prioritise reported issues.

Finish your issues quickly.

Increase your ticket turnarounds

Handle all users' feedback in one place.

Let customers use your product more because of resolved issues.

Keep your team and customers highly motivated with quick ticket turnarounds.

How does Usersnap work?


Customisable feedback widget

Client-side error recording

Get Javascript errors for fast bug reproduction and debugging.

See exactly what your users see. 
Get a browser screenshot without any plugin required. 

Usersnap works seamlessly on all primary browsers and all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Adapt the widget to your brand and integrate it into your websites.

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Our customer: Onshape

"To sum it up, Usersnap has set new standard in how we collect feedback from our users."

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- clear process
- one place for feedback and issues
- closing off all issues and bugs
- happy customer and successful project

- 100s of emails & messages in a project
- constantly asking for browser details
- hard-to-understand explanations

- no screenshots


Rachel Panush

"We use Usersnap for all our projects. It’s great that Usersnap captures browser and device information to help us better debug reported issues."

Rachel Panush

Tony Stillwell

“The instant visual feedback we get from Usersnap has helped us tremendously for our product development.”

Tony Stillwell

Franz Tretter

"As a company with a wide range of apps & services we rely on tools like Usersnap to make our feedback workflow better."

Franz Tretter

Bugs with ticket numbers

Use customer feedback to develop the best product.

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Get notified on new issues

Understand what your user sees

"We believe that feedback driven companies provide the best products to people. We help our customers make digital experiences exceptional."

Our mission:

Learn from the feedback of your customer

It's difficult to understand your customers' issues when you are missing feedback information.

Prioritising bug fixes and improvements with the help of Usersnap will help you build products that your customers will love ❤️.

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Screenshot with comments

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